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  • CG 410 Sewage-, Water-, Gassystems
  • CG 420 Heat Supply Systems
  • CG 430 Ventilation Systems
  • CG 440 Power Systems
  • CG 450 Telecommunication- and Informationtechnology Systems
  • CG 460 Conveyor Systems
  • CG 470 Utilization-specific Installations
  • CG 480 Building Automation

>>Scientists study the world as it is, engineers create a world like never before .<<

Theodore von Karman (1881-1963)

Hungarian-American mathematician

Get comprehensive information in the field of building technology. 

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-Energetic and economical 

-Needs and goals 

-Project definition 

-Decision making


-Determination of the prerequisites 

-Project and planning preparation 

-System and integration planning 

-Preparation of the permit 

- Development of the planning solution 



Site Management

-Appointment tracking 

-Quality assurance 

-Measurement and invoice verification 

-Identification of defects 

-Monitoring of the elimination of defects 

-Control and acceptance 

-Warranty tracking